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Message from your neighbor

Message from your Neighbor presents a cubist story where speech and performance are in dialogue with sound.

A multi-layered conversation between a bride, a neighbor community and a phone answering machine. It combines surrealism, humor and drama - all glued by glimpses of a recomposed Somethin' Stupid by Frank Sinatra that appears in the background from time to time.

The work plays with the superficiality and deepness in human relations. What is a real friend? Are your neighbors your friends or are they just pretending?


narrative piece /

wedding piece

Premiered in Switzerland in the context of kollekTive_fiktioN and performed in Boswil, Bern and Basel on December 2022


big speaking ensemble, text performer & electronics





composition, script, music

gemma ragués


latenz ensemble, gemma ragués

Commissioned by Latenz Ensemble


Pictures by Martin Obrist


Dear neighbors, 

Allow me to introduce myself as the President of the community but, beyond all, I speak to you as your neighbor and very close friend.


For over 10 years, we have been enjoying each others company in the corridor, laundry room and backyard. And, by the way, what a beautiful backyard we have.


As the President, neighbor, but over all, as your very close friend, it is a pleasure to announce to you that my wedding will take place 

next December in the backyard (if you would agree).

You will be my guests of honor.




Your President, neighbor and beyond all, your very close friend

script excerpt by Gemma Ragués, all rights reserved

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