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Dialogues is an exploration of continuity envisaged as a state of peace and balance and which can be reached through a balanced self (mov.1) and the steadiness of multiple external stimuli (mov.2). Continuity reached through continuity or through discontinuity. Balance as a combination of self and outside.


The 2 musicians are on a conversation with a prerecorded version of themselves that starts with the sustained sound of the Tibetan Bowls and fluctuates delicately between the saxophone and the percussions.


The first movement plays with resonances whereas the second one is based on short rhythmical cells to reach a discrete continuity.

Mov.1: Loneliness is a dubbed line

Mov.2: Blurry landscapes are a bunch of clear states of mind


duo with electronics


alto saxophone, percussion

(vibraphone, tibetan bowls) and electronics


10min. (2 movements)



written for and premiered by 

PARCOURS duo (commission)

master and recording

Adrià Serrano



Picture by Miquel Àngel Vich Bonada

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